May 9, 2018

The Hardest About Research Paper

We’ve been using quotation marks to show that we’re quoting from a source here she’s just speaking like this is a piece of dialogue right so this isn’t really quoting from a source this is called the Looking Glass self theory and it states that our self images being are dependent on what we think others think of us we see ourselves in other words as a reflection on the eyes of others so this is I think worded a little bit awkwardly she may not have transcribed the original source correctly the first time but we still have our introduction to the quarter material then the quoted material arse itself and then lookie here it looks like we have a real book somebody’s using a real book as a source that’s awesome. Find out about other possible difficulties with research paper at Edusson.

So end of quote quotation marks we actually need a space here just John being really anal about things so now we have author last name page number no comma okay so you can see we’ve had a few different sources or types of sources we have online internet sources with no author last name here we’ve got a book with off the last name and page number earlier we had a source or we had the author last name and so did not need the the shortened title so I’ve got three or four different types of citations already once a victim sees him or herself as ugly and stupid they will lack self-esteem so I do not go to school to avoid seeing their tormentors and this leads to a decline in grades students should feel safe within the school systems but we allow bullying to continue how many children need to be treated like they’re worth like they’re worthless oh and that should be they are right worthless before we decide to change our system again this is an original student paper so I’ve kept all the typos in so far. Learn how to write about difficult topic in this article.

So we can sort of address those as we go here she’s kind of posing the question it’s gonna transition us further into the paper okay so we’ve done emotional damage and physical costs next section not only will a bully cause physical damage such as a black eye or bruises but a victim may also self-harm some are more commonly includes biting and cutting oneself it is noted that nearly 1/3 of victims of bullying will turn to self harming okay so Apple that’s our author last name probably a web resource so we don’t have a page number okay I know you’re getting sick of me saying this but I’m gonna continue to do it we have introduction to the quarter material right it is noted that now we have recorded material and we have our citation so this is the example and I know I talked about it like every time it comes up in the paper but it’s important and this is probably the one thing the students fail to do the most.