May 9, 2018

Practicality Of The Research Paper

When we have our citation I feel that this would work for the children that are in grades 1 through 8 and I like because this is this paper is becoming very practical right it’s not just saying it’d be really easy to say bullying is terrible nothing is working so let’s press charges against everyone but I think the author recognizes that you can’t you know it’s not really practical are you gonna charge a kindergartener under the law probably not so now she’s getting really specific I feel like this would work for the children that are in grades 1 through 8 my reasoning is that these children are rather young and it would be socially unacceptable to put a sixth grader in jail I think that’s a really smart observation and it’s a really smart way of looking at this problem okay. Get to know how to make your work practical at Edusson.

And I encourage you you know don’t feel like you can’t put restrictions on your thesis you know her thesis rightly state at the beginning and even elsewhere was that we should press charges for bullies in general or that bullying that leads to suicide but here she’s sort of narrowing the parameters right and I think that makes sense I feel that once a person hits high school they can definitely control their own actions some 8th graders or even having children of their own therefore they’re practically adults themselves once they hit this age I feel that they should be able to do some type of jail time if their victim commits suicide so I think you know whether or not you agree with it I think the logical reasoning behind it seems sound enough right I don’t think that this is just like an emotional plea she seems to be thinking about the consequences of of this sort of consequence of this sort of punishment if no life is taken but the victim is mentally or physically disturbed there should be some consequences. Find out what kind of questions you should ask in your paper here.

To start off there should be fines community service or juvenile detention for smaller instances of bullying these types that include slandering a person’s name as well as labelling through the use of the computers cell phone and lastly instances of assault so she’s narrowing the parameter so we’re not going to use jail time for anyone great you know anyone younger than grade 8 maybe and only if that bullying leads to a suicide and then in cases that don’t lead to suicide maybe we can use fine our community service so she’s really talking about all the possibilities here and that’s something I appreciate in this paper if the victim needs medical attention then the Tormentor should face jail time and they should pay for the medical costs in the worst case a life could be taken when this occurs the bully should face jail time and charges to help pay for the funeral costs feel that this harsh punishment will lead people to think about what they are doing to other human beings once they see the consequences they may not want to risk the chance of going to jail.