May 9, 2018

Gathering Information For Research

When we’re looking at outside information it’s not just like oh I heard this happened and it’s not it’s not being portrayed in a gossipy way we’re using a source but the source is more of an emotional source in this part some schools have forms that can be filled out if the behavior continues these forms can be taken to the principal and in some case can be helpful if a form is turned in the school must look into the situation these teachers are supposed to stop any type of bullying and to reported to a higher authority one problem is that some teachers may feel that just stopping the behavior is sufficient enough however there is not much they can do outside of the school system in reality Ty’s incident was not the first and more than likely will not be the last okay. Read about gathering info at Edusson.

So so far we haven’t had any sources that look like this right she’s done you know according to Sabu leg of and then given us our quarter material but we have citations that includes that bullying gov and I don’t I think she has a couple from this place so I’m not sure wouldn’t one she’s referring to but she might have been you know what we want is if we have an author we want the author’s last name okay so let’s look at this one we have an author and so if she were citing the source we would say Eliot that would be our last name of your source if we don’t have an author’s last name then we want the smaller article inside the larger resource right so here we actually we don’t want that’s the big website we want the individual page so instead of where we just were we would want effects of bullying was she shortened previously to just effects okay so what’s been done that was our last section now we’re taking it one step further one lawmaker from Iowa State believes that there is one more step that could be taken to prohibit bullying he states that the bully and the victims parents must take part in mediation after a report of bullying if they refuse to take part in this mediation they will be charged with fines or criminal charges. Find out about connections in text by reading this article.

So again brief I mean it’s only three words but it’s an introductory statement that sets up our quoted material quoted material is cited appropriately it is unfortunate that the parents and bullies will only be criminally charged if they fail to sign the papers a fine would be sufficient for smaller instances of bullying such as an assault charge or the spreading of rumors but what if the victim actually takes their life so here you know again we’re coming back to the claim write a fine would be sufficient for smaller instances of bullying such an assault charge or this writing of rumors but now we’re getting into like the more narrow focus of the paper.