May 9, 2018

Building Connections In Research Paper

We’ve had plenty of pay or logos before and we’ve got another instance of pathos but it’s pretty brief if you think about the length of these pathos instances compared to all the logos they’re much fewer of them they’re much shorter okay so we have a few paid those places here and there but it’s not throwing off the balance of the paper we need to start carrying about each other and take time out of our busy day to make sure our loved ones are taken care of what amount of suicides will take before the pulley is blamed and held responsible for our children’s sake I hope there won’t be any more and again this you know for our children’s sake I hope there won’t be any more that’s definitely playing to emotion right. More info on logical connections at Edusson.

And one thing about you know we had the section for emotional damage and physical costs when we talk about physical costs all we’re really talking about is suicide but also you know aren’t there physical costs like the actual black eye that she mentioned mentioned earlier in the paper so I think those sorts of thing you know the people who are stuffed in the lockers or are given swirlies or whatever in the locker room I think that could make an appearance in the physical costs because it seems like it’s been overlooked in this paper so I have to do is you know sort of give it a little shout out as a small paragraph or maybe even part of a different paragraph that’s talking about suicide as a transition but I don’t want it to be forgotten entirely okay so now we have a new section this far we’ve been posing the question right and now we’re looking at what has been Solutions in the past what has been done teachers have tried to take a step forward to stop the bullying within the schools a school can take part in a zero-tolerance stance against bullying unfortunately this policy can actually hurt the victim rather than help them for ty Smalley this was just the case okay. Learn how to gather info for your papers with the help of this material.

So now we have another person first and last name and we’re getting an emotional connection to them right so we’re sort of going from you know broad studies of statistics we’re you know we have lots and lots of people now we’re zooming in and we’re looking at individual cases okay and this this hits that pathos button again ty Smalley school had a zero-tolerance type of policy and that meant there will be no type of violence or hurtful behavior when Ty’s bully hit him ty had enough and pushed back the teacher caught him and Ty was suspended in Ty’s case it seems to the teacher just wanted to look like she is doing her part she stopped the fight but she didn’t get down to the real issue of the boys past relationship so hurt by his suspension ty came home and used a gun that was hidden in his closet to kill himself his bully only served one day of his three-day suspension and then came back to school to bully others.