May 9, 2018

Asking Questions In Research

What if the victim actually takes their life is a fine the equivalent of a life a bully can claim that they did not intend to lead to the victim did not intend to lead the victim to suicide on the other hand so we had the bubble analogy before we have another analogy coming up right now on the other hand a drunk driver does not plan to crash the car and possibly kill someone the drunk driver can be charged with involuntary manslaughter and the bully gets close to nothing if a life is too and then something should be done about it it may seem harsh due to one’s actions and words a family member will not see their child anymore jail time is a consequence that should be considered because it seems that we have tried everything else once people realized their effects the effect. Learn how to ask the right questions at Edusson.

Probably the effect their words have on other people maybe we will learn to watch what we say so this really seems like the most important part of the paper right we’ve talked about how we can discipline bullies and what not and she’s making her claim that we should use criminal charges in the case in cases that result in suicide okay actually so we’re on page five there let’s go back and revisit our thesis pressing charges pressing criminal charges on a bully is one way they could put an actual stop to bullying so that’s the thesis but that’s actually not quite what we’re talking about when we get down here right what we’re talking about here is not pressing charges against all bullies we’re talking about pressing charges against bullies whose actions lead to suicide or other kinds of harm right so I think that we could probably narrow down our thesis statement in the introduction so that really gets to the heart of what we’re talking about here because I do think that there’s a little bit of a divide between the thesis statement as we’re defending it here in more detail. Make your text more practical here.

And the one as it was presented in the introduction we feel that our children are miniature versions of ourselves this is true then that means our children learn to talk play and bully from us some parents may claim that they cannot control their child they’re in school however we should teach our children respect and how to act in public if we fail at that and something else needs to be done crooks Molly Ty’s father and even just saying tight instead of theis Molly’s father you know just using that first name it makes us feel more personable with him and it’s building an emotional connection so a little bit of pathos coming into the paper there Ty’s father has promoted one interesting idea he states that again another brief introductory statement quoted material he states that parents should be held accountable as well they should be given two weeks to change their child’s behavior after an incident of bullying well if no charge is noticed no change excuse me is noticed in the parent could she could face jail time and other fines.